DHAANI- The story of hens, kites and private jets.

Sameer, a business tycoon’s eldest son who has studied abroad, is a lover of luxurious bikes and private jets and perfectly knows to drive his ride. On the other hand, Dhaani, the vivacious and vibrant daughter of a simple but righteous man, has no paucity for favorites either, after all who in her whole muhala can fly kites and chase cocks with such flawless intensity than her? No one at all! And even in stealing the kites in any given chance, no one can match her grace and if anyone dares to loot a kite that might fall on her roof, faces her absolute fierce.
But, despite of all the differences in their social statuses and their contrasting personalities, when they met, a friendship and instant liking was established between the two, and both started to spent time with each other, where Dhaani instantly took it as a notion for love which Sameer declines initially calling their relationship not more than a friendship, but later as both got engaged to different people, both realizes the true worth of their bond and gradually fall in love.1C9A3734 Their story beautifully portrays and proofs the truth that love doesn’t discriminate and when it is destine to happen, no matter what are the consequences and hurdles, it will happen. In the serial Dhaani started from 12th July at 8:00 pm on Geo TV, this powerful force of love pull Dhaani and Sameer together and also created a strong bond between them.

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