10 things you didn’t know about Hijrat

. A massive set with 5000 tents was set up on barren land near Nahsaar, Balochistan to depict a refugee camp on the Pak-Afghan Border in Hijrat.

2. Hijrat’s film crew had to deal with several disasters during the shoot. A short circuit resulted in a fire that burnt down 500 tents that were part of the refugee camp set. Later a desert storm destroyed more tents during the shoot.


3. It took three years to make Hijrat.

4. Hijrat is shot on the 35 mm format. Shooting on 35 mm is expensive and leaves little margin for mistakes and errors, at the same time it gives a depth and richness to the scenes which is missing from the digital format which most films use nowadays. ‘This was ideal for Hijrat’s large canvas and this is a film in the real sense of the word,” says director Farouq Mengal. Other films that were shot on 35 mm recently include Jurassic World, SPECTRE, Cinderella and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

5. Hijrat will be showcasing the talents of veteran actors such as Nadeem Baig, Jamal Shah, Zeb Rehman, Ayub Khoso, Azra Aftab and Mahjabeen.

6. Team Hijrat faced numerous language issues with the Turkish crew that was hired for the spell in Turkey…but in the end they all become good friends. Because love rules!

7. Team Hijrat, especially the main lead Rabia Butt missed desi food while shooting in Turkey. Eventually the team located a very expensive Indian restaurant in Istanbul that satisfied their craving for daal chawal…and also racked up the film’s budget!

8. Most of Hijrat’s film crew got sun burnt in the dry desert conditions of Balochistan during the shoot

9. Hijrat’s director Farouq Mengal went to the Pak-Afghan border just to take pictures of no-man’s land which he then recreated in Nohsaar Balochistan, in great detail right down to broken barbed wires.

10. 100 women and children extras were transported from Karachi to Nohsaar in Balochistan to work as the refugees that would populate Hijrat’s refugee camp for 30 days.

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