30 Activities to celebrate IAMKarachi Event

I AM KARACHI’s partner organizations from the 17th to the 25th of March, 2016, finally culminating in the annual I AM KARACHI DAY festival – a unique celebration of Karachi and the efforts of its civil society – to be held at the Frere Hall on the 26th of March.

In the lead up to the second Annual IAMKARACHIDAY in a unique celebration of the power of citizenship, thousands of residents from across Karachiincluding people from, Lyari, Nazimabad, Saddar, Sultanabad, Orangi, Gadap Town, Machar Colony and Sea View will participate in I AM KARACHI’S week long drive to boost social innovation anda participatory approach to urban development.
The drive includes the participation of volunteer groupswho will lead activities which include live street theater performances, sports tournaments, peace building sessions, diversity seminars and the popular wall paintings that have already given Karachi a face lift.

During the week students, business leaders, photographers and teachers will meet residents of various neighborhoods in order to gain a better understanding of their needs and concerns – epitomizing I AM KARACHI’s ethos that dialogue is essential in order to develop a unified civic identity.

President of I AM KARACHI, Mr. Jameel Yusuf S.St. said that there has been an immense support from various civil society groups for this case, “It is the generosity and goodwill of the people that comprises the true spirit of the city. Karachi is one of the most philanthropic cities of the country for that reason and with the I AM KARACHI day, we are tapping into that positivity and to be able to mobilize together as concerned, compassionate and caring citizens.”

IAMKARACHIDAY is a celebration of the city and part of a larger city-wide movement that aims to inculcate hope, pride and ownership in the citizens of Karachi by reclaiming publicspaces through sports, arts, culture and dialogues. In an unprecedented display of support and in recognition of the importance of civil society in making Karachi great again, The Commissioner, Karachi Division, last year declared I AM KARACHI DAY as an official day to be celebrated annually.

The final celebrations will be held with a grand award ceremony for Karachi’s local heroes on March 26th 2016.



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