Shamaeel Ansari – Different Everytime But Yet So Shamaeel!

The Grandeur of Shamaeel the brand and her move out of the confines of her home based studio to a full-fledged House of Shamaeel slightly over a year ago has put her out and made the Shamaeel Luxury collections more accessible to the masses. With her 24 years of experience in fashion, moving from a niche clientele and presenting the brand to an entirely new audience has been a great success.

Here is what we at Irfanistan experienced earlier this week at her Spring Festive Collection Volume 2:


The new Spring Festive collection at the House of Shamaeel is high on glamour, and the absolutely intricate Shamaeel detailing; featuring bridal wear, luxury and pret.


Prêt wear is defined with a polarity of colours from soft pastels for the demure mood, separate coordinates to the bold printed dark palettes. These same themes in our collection vary through solids and prints.

Touches of gold with bold prints and shawl capes to suit your mood. Wear the shawl cape with an entirely cosmopolitan sensibility or choose to wear the tunic with a simple pencil line for an eastern mood.

Pastel moods, soft shaded water sequins and pearls define this piece. Separate jacket and inner to give your wardrobe versatility.


View the luxury collection this season, which is all about structured tunics and over wear. Intricate light-weight brocades for spring embellished with tapestry-style signature Shamaeel embroideries. Go floral with structure, metallic tones over laid with a bright burst of foliage.

Refreshing long lengths and fitted silhouettes enhance the body with separate coordinates. Organza capes and sheer fabrics are used widely as over layering.


In Bridal wear, look for the absolute vintage Shamaeel signature style, reviving byzantine tapestry embroideries. Shamaeel’s new collection welcomes the glorious spring with a fresh approach interwoven with classic vintage charm, different every season yet so Shamaeel.

The House of Shamaeel is launching the new collection ‘Spring Festive Collection’, on the 10th of February 2016.

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