YasraRizvi first directorial debut film SENTI-AUR-MENTAL

A very talented Yasra Rizvi has recently step into direction as well, she has 8 years experience of writing, direction, and acting experience in theater, television and film.
‘The script of ‘Senti-aur-mental’ is complete and it is an emotional roller coaster knit with laughter, loss, and destiny’ says Yasra 12645070_1219432324751597_8910253457955134850_nRizvi while announcing the name of HARKAT Pictures’ first feature film ‘We are also glad to share that Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s design studio is not only our first official collaborator but he will also be seen in the film as an actor’
The film Senti-aur-mental features the multitalented bohemian writer and star of Karachi se Lahore YasirHussain in an all together new look and character along with the performance powerhouse YasraRizvi. The Yasir&Yasra duo will be appearing together for the first time in Sentiaurmental and the expectations are already running high, stellar performances are in order.
‘I am really excited and all I can say at this point about the story is that I have never been offered a film like this and I cant wait to get to the set of Senti-aur-mental’ says YasirHussain about his character in the HARKAT Pictures film.
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