‘Whistle’ raised the Issue of Drug Injection in our country.

‘Whistle” focuses on placing the right & high image of Pakistan. These words were said by the
director of the film, Ammad Azhar. He further added that It is our prime responsibility to join hands in
combating this issue of Terrorism & Drug Trafficking in Pakistan. We are making this film to show,
what our true identity is and what we are capable of.






Mian Yasin, CEO of Mian Brothers producer of this film added that when he heard about the main idea
of this film and the message, this film is going to deliver, he at the same moment decided to invest in
this project . The main purpose of making this Film is to pay tribute to our Armed Forces in general and
ANF in particular.
Kashif Mehmood, Project Head mentioned that he would like to congratulate the entire Team for this
successful event including the Director, Producer for putting their trust in him. Moreover, he mentioned
the efforts of DJay3 Production regarding their coordination during the Film Whistle. He also thanked
the media for their kind presence & coverage.
Shafaq Ammad, the Storywriter/Art Director of the Film mentioned that we have blown this Whistle for
the whole Nation to wake up and stand tall against Terrorism and Drug Trafficking. Pakistan is our Pride
and Identity and we should never & at no cost compromise on our National Interests. Our responsibility
as Film maker is not just to entertain the audience but also to give a positive message to our youth.
Sohail Sameer, Lead actor of this film, said I feel proud to be part of the Project Whistle. The Story &
Direction is very strong and the entire experience was great. The Film gives a very strong message of
Unity and Patriotism.
Tatmain ul Qulb, playing lead actress mentioned that it was a wonderful experience working for this film
and her role was so challenging that she thinks that it would be a breakthrough for her career as well as
the film industry in Pakistan.
Farhan Ally Agha a famous TV Artist said, this project was need of the hour. As Pakistan is already facing
so many problems, hence the awareness of severity of this problem was much needed.
Osama Bin Ghazi, who is working in Karachi drama projects now a days was thankful to the warm
response of people in Islamabad and appreciated Director Ammad Azhar work. He also acknowledged
Producer of the Film Mian Yaseen for coming forward in the Film industry
Imran Ali Mani, famous DJ, working in this project as a Debut actor, added that he believes that this film
is going to make a promising image and the Pakistani audience will love it.
Aamir Kazmi, playing lead negative said that it was a wonderful experience working with the Meditation
Production Team. The Script motivated me to come all the way from US and do this Project.
Produced by: Mian Muhammad Yasin
Project Head: Kashif Mehmood
Story by: Shafaq Ammad.
Script by: Mirza Naeem Baig & Ammad Azhar.
Music by: Bakshi Brothers
Lyrics by: Nadeem Najid & Ammad Azhar
Production Manager: Malik Mukhtar Ahmed.
Asst.Production Designer: M Shakeel Rao.
Wardrobe & Props Coordinator: Anfra Naveed.
Choreographer: Afzaal Sagar
Fight Instructor: Mehboob Vicky
Makeup: Kafeel
Styling: Jugnu Wasim.
Art Director: Shafaq Ammad.
DOP: Khalid Jumman.
Project Coordination: DJay3 Productions
Asst.Cameraman: Mohammad Imran & Zahid Shoaib
Asst. Director: Shahid Doltana
Associate Director & Screenplay: Muhammad Farooq Gondal.
Directed by: Ammad Azhar.

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