Ali zaffer’s 6 Bollywood films didn’t click to Pakistani Audience !

Rock star Ali Zaffar who knows only his ‘Chano ki ankh may’ and many other songs which gave him edge in music industry, Ali have been in Bollywood industry for past 5 years, have done many Bollywood films but audience didn’t like the Ali Zaffer’s acting in Such bollywood films, infact he has worked with top actresses which everyone’s dream to work with them, but as usual ALi luck didn’t click into acting skills, audience of Pakistan like him as a singer more than acting in films, Ali made huge change in media industry and he has some new plans which he is going to disclose soon but wait the story is not going to end here, Ali zaffar younger brother Daniyal zaffar is now also hold his hand on music and he is upto launch his new music video soon, so just wait and watch and welcome to new freshy talent in music industry.

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